The aim of sports/play fencing is to create a safe , secure environment in which to practice your chosen sport or activity and contain balls.

Types of sports fencing

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Mesh panel systems are the most popular type of sports fencing. These can be installed around areas where sports such as hockey, tennis, netball, cricket and 5-a-side football might be played at primary schools, secondary schools, community areas and sports clubs.

Sports fencing can be tailored specifically to need, for example, primary school sports fencing would be lighter than the heavier duty sports fencing used in secondary schools.

Sports fencing is perfect for all weather sports facilities which have an astroturf type surface that can be used all year round for different sports or activities and also multiple use games areas (MUGA).

In addition, where balls are being hit particularly hard, such as in cricket, sports fencing can protect areas nearby by surrounding the bowling / batting enclosures.

ROSPA approved bow top steel railings are a popular choice to create and safe and secure and dog free childrens play area.

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When you contact Charnwood Fencing regarding your sports/play fencing needs, we can offer:

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  • A team which is fully accredited by a number of governing bodies

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2 Millions Holes Excavated
Over 2 million holes excavated

With many years of experience under our belts, our team can offer a professional sports fencing installation process from start to finish.

All members of staff are health and safety accredited and are used to working to some of the toughest and stringent health and safety requirements, which means that, whether you need sports fencing in a school or sports club, you can get peace of mind that the job will be done effectively.

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