2 Millions Holes Excavated
Over 2 million holes excavated

Security fencing and manual gates are a vital part of any new or existing premises Not only can they protect the site from theft and vandalism but they can also keep pedestrians from wandering it a dangerous area and coming to harm.

As a developer or site owner, you are duty and legally bound to keep the site secure. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) can investigate your site if there is an accident or simply make a random visit.

Failure to provide adequate safety will result in personal liability, but this can be avoided by carrying out the correct risk assessments and having fencing and manual gates installed which will keep the site – and any passersby – safe from harm.

Over 2000km of Fence Installed
We’ve installed enough fence to cover the length of Britain Twice!

There are several types of security fencing and manual gates to match that can be installed, depending on the level of security needed.

But remember, it’s always a good idea to choose a contractor who can demonstrate in house qualifications, accreditations, training and experience so you can be assured the level of security you need is there.

Manual gates all sites

Available in all sizes, they can range from a 1m wide pedestrian gate, up to 15m side vehicle gates. Gates can be selected based on the type of fencing and level of security required.

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